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Flawless quality is essential in restorative dentistry. This necessitates close, reliable and efficient cooperation between the laboratory and the dental practice. This is the only way to fabricate high-quality and perfectly functioning dentures. The Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution - DRS for short - provides unparalleled evidence of how state-of-the-art technology combines with cutting-edge expertise. Linking the Ceramill DRS system to AG.Live enables dental technicians and clinicians to create a successful and future-oriented team, to improve communication and collaboration, and to share information easily.

The platform for this is provided by the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit, which offers the basis for interdisciplinary cooperation to deliver the best possible dentures at the highest quality. Depending on requirements, the Connection Kit can be expanded with the Production Kit and the High-Speed Zirconia Kit. Find out more about the benefits of our innovative DRS solutions:

Interdisciplinary TEAMWORK and Same Day Dentistry

The Ceramill DRS Connection Kit, consisting of a Ceramill Map DRS intraoral scanner, the associated scanning software and the AG.Live connection, extends the integrated CAD/CAM workflow to include dentists. This makes it child's play to share patient cases with all the information with the laboratory and even fabricate straightforward jobs on the same day.

All relevant details are defined and created in AG.Live - as is additional data such as photos or X-ray images. The intraoral scanner is used to digitally record the patient situation in the practice in the shortest of times. The scan is saved in AG.LIVE and the entire case, including completion date, is shared with the laboratory thus providing both parties with a basis of information. The laboratory reads out the data directly in the Ceramill Mind software and starts with the design as always. This digital connection and the rapid exchange this entails, allows treating patients with straightforward restorations within a single day.
Patient information is easily shared with the laboratory, thus allowing patients to be treated on the same day for smaller jobs.
All relevant information and additional data, such as photos or X-rays, are easily and fully collated at a single point.
AG.Live enables all patient data and work to be available simultaneously to the practice and laboratory.
The Ceramill DRS Connection Kit provides for an interdisciplinary workflow which creates the perfect basis for impression-free and model-free work.

Brings together what belongs together.

With AG.Live, Amann Girrbach supports dental laboratories and dental practices holistically in their workflows and revolutionizes their collaboration. The virtual platform is the first portal that is directly connected to a CAD/CAM production system (Ceramill) and can be accessed from any Internet-enabled machine. This way, patient data can be shared for processing in a GDPR-compliant and more simple manner than ever before. This provides a detailed overview, interdisciplinary exchange and simplified processes. 

The functions at a glance

Patient cases and data
One point for everything

With AG.Live, all relevant patient data are available from a single point. This gives you a quick overview of current cases and allows you to flexibly add additional files or information at any time.

Product overviews
Status updates at any time

Be it registered machines, software or CAD/CAM materials: you will be given an up-to-date status overview quickly and easily, for example through material traceability per individual case. Furthermore, you will gain access to software updates and libraries for download.

Service & Support
Simply click for help

You need support? No problem at all! AG.Live sends your requests by e-mail to the appropriate support organization.

Software overview
The new dimension in support

AG.Live revolutionizes collaboration in the dental industry. The virtual co-working place not only provides an organized overview of patient cases, but also facilitates the entire interdisciplinary exchange. View the video to see how this works: 

Dentures in a single session

Complementing the Ceramill DRS Connection Kit, the Ceramill DRS Production Kit enables single-tooth restorations and up to 3-unit bridges to be fabricated directly in the dental practice, providing patients with a definitive restoration in a single session. The kit consists of a simplified CAD/CAM software, Ceramill Mind DRS and a small CNC machine, Ceramill Motion DRS. The perfectly integrated components guarantee flawless outcomes, tailored to the practice. With the digital connection to AG.Live, the laboratory handles the design, and the practice handles the denture so that complex work can continue to be fabricated entirely in laboratory.

Viewing the workflow


The High-Speed Zirconia Kit is used either in the laboratory or in the practice - depending on where fabrication is to take place.
Consisting of the Ceramill Therm DRS sintering furnace and the Zolid DRS material, the HIGH-SPEED ZIRCONIA KIT provides the perfect basis for the ultra-fast fabrication of highly esthetic zirconia restorations. The restorations can be sintered in just 20 minutes and offer maximum efficiency with a natural appearance due to the perfectly coordinated 16 Vita shades with integrated shade and translucency gradient.

Dentistry in flux

Ceramill DRS – All requirements, one answer.

The Ceramill DRS System (Direct Restoration Solution) includes three separate kits which allow individual flexibility in the interaction between the laboratory and the dental practice. Ceramill DRS is groundbreaking for dental technicians, dentists and ultimately the patient. The video shows what the system can achieve here and what exactly this new form of collaboration looks like.

Same Day Dentistry in laboratory quality – this is how it's done

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The AG.Live portal connects laboratory and practice - for interdisciplinary collaboration.
Due to a fully integrated CAD/CAM system, all components come from a single source.
The system components are of modular design, additional components can be integrated at any time.
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