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The new Zolid Gen-X is a multilayer, highly translucent zirconia and is a true all-rounder extremely well suited for universal use. Due to its high strength and natural translucency, this material can be used for virtually every indication. Even the massive structures of implant-supported restorations with a gingival component appear completely natural. Zolid Gen-X is available in the 16 classic VITA tooth shades as well as two bleach shades in seven different heights. This makes the fabrication of restorations easy and efficient for every laboratory.
  1. Best choice
    Reduces the complexity of material selection in everyday laboratory routines through numerous multi-indication application possibilities.
  2. Maximum flexibility
    Due to a flexural strength of over 1,000 MPa, virtually all types of indications can be realized.
  3. Naturally beautiful
    The flowing color and translucency gradient is a perfect imitation of nature.
  4. New species
    Zolid Gen-X combines new properties with all the proven benefits of the Zolid HT+ product family in a single material.
Zolid Gen-X Zirconia
25 millimeter blank


Anterior crownsZolid Gen-X I Atsushi Hasegawa
Anterior BridgeZolid Gen-X I Amann Girrbach
All on fourZolid Gen-X I Benjamin Votteler
All on fourZolid Gen-X I Benjamin Votteler
All on fourZolid Gen-X I Benjamin Votteler
All on fourZolid Gen-X I Luis Manuel Rocha Saraiva


The zirconia blanks of the Zolid brand offer the right material for every zirconia-based indication in order to efficiently produce long-term stable and naturally esthetic restorations. Amann Girrbach is simplifying its materials portfolio in order to make the CAD/CAM materials area future-oriented and user-friendly: In future, the blanks will be available exclusively in 98-format and will be provided with a plastic frame. For the relaunch, they also feature a new print image. The color coding of the different levels of translucency is retained, which creates security during processing.
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High-speed sintering – so fast. So beautiful.

Zolid DRS forms the perfect basis for restorations which are sintered in approx. 20 minutes in the high-speed sintering furnace. Perfectly matched to the 16 VITA shades and with natural color and translucency gradients, this material guarantees safe and efficient processes. The different block sizes allow fabrication of up to 3-unit bridges.
Naturally beautiful
Due to natural translucency and infinite shade gradient
Super fast
Final results after just 20 minutes
Easy luting
Due to the high strength, both adhesive and conventional luting is possible



"AG Esthetic Management" makes the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations from zirconia easier than ever before for users of the Zolid system. The focus is on simplifying and optimizing all work after milling the restoration. The clearly illustrated instructions for use and numerous video tutorials guide users through the process step by step. In addition, users have a wide range of courses and online webinars at their disposal. Add to this the new products and aids that make daily work with zirconia considerably easier for the user.


Step 01
Remove & Refine

The choice of the right tools for finishing is crucial for long-lasting, highly esthetic restorations made of Zolid.

Step 02
Internal Finish

With the perfectly matching staining solution, the Zolid zirconia can be processed individually even before sintering.

Step 03
External Finish

Stain and Glaze stains as well as the individual accessories add the finishing touches to Zolid restorations after sintering.

Success Stories

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Benjamin Votteler, MDT

"The Zolid DNA portfolio offers me the right material for every indication, simply brilliant!"

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Atsushi Hasegawa, CDT

"Zolid HT+ with higher translucency combined with high strength is the excellent material for massive multi-unit bridges."

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Lucas Lammott, CDT

"Unprecedented built-in esthetics in a monolithic zirconia. Zolid FX Multilayer is a game changer!"

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Alexander Wünsche, CDT

“The New Esthetic Management tools are just amazing. It makes setting up the machine just perfect for combining the digital workflow with traditional craftsmanship."

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Maurco Cuccagna, MDT

"It's hard to imagine our laboratory without the Sinter-State Polishing Kit - it only takes a few moments for all zirconia cases to shine."

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Amann Girrbach at the LMT LAB DAY 2022
The 37th LMT LAB DAY took place from February 24 - 27 in Chicago. Amann Girrbach also contributed to the success of the free Digital Dental Conference with exciting and informative lectures on the future of the dental industry. Our lectures are still available and provide insights into the digitalization of dentistry.
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